Eva Leopoldi

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Galeriothek Leopoldi-Art – the Gallery Rooms

Gallery Room I

In the Leopoldi-Art gallery, representational photography is presented in gallery space I.

According to Gottfried Jäger, representational photographs show subjective, commenting works that are clearly used to find and show new facts in what has already been given.

I try to work out new angles, rediscover characteristics and capture new situations.

Eine Fotografie von Eva Leopoldi, die den Blick auf den Passauer Dom zeigt, aufgenommen durch einen Torbogen. Dieses Foto steht für den Galerieraum I - Darstellende Fotografie.
Room I: Representational photographs. Passau Cathedral

Eine doppeltbelichtete Fotografie einer Dragqueen - ein herausfordernder Blick zeigt deutlich die Aussage: Ich bin wie ich bin! Dieses Foto ist stellvertretend für den Galerieraum II - Bildschaffende Fotografie.
Room II: Image making photography – I am as I am.

Gallery Room II

In the gallery room II you will find image making and experimental photography.

My greater passion is the creative or experimental photography. I use different possibilities for this, both in the direct shooting, as well as the subsequent editing process. So I create something completely new and tell my story about it – as one possibility among many.

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