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Gallery Room I

Room one the gallery in the Galeriothek Leopoldi-Art is home to performing photography. Here you will find works from the following areas:
Travel photography and city views, humans and nature.
Of course, these works are also developed according to Leopoldi-Art – always from slightly different angles, always trying to discover new features or capture new situations. And, course, each work is a very personal commentary. By choosing the possible apparatus settings, the artist decides very specifically how and what the photo should represent for her, and then the post-processing transforms each photo into a possibility reality.

Travel photography

Traveling means for me: architecture, colors, shadows, smells, plants, nature, cultures, people to discover, on, – and to accept, to marvel and to try to capture these impressions then in pictures, which show my new, own view.

A special value has for me the travel with the motorcycle.

With the motorcycle it is possible to drive ways and to see and experience things that you can not discover in conventional travel.

City views

Walking through cities, finding motifs, unusual perspectives, and then reproducing exactly how I felt when I experienced these cities – that’s what makes visiting cities so appealing to me. There are already enough travel guides with fantastic documentary photographs.

I love to make these cities my “Leopoldi cities” and already apply special techniques when photographing them.

Human being

The human being as a subject is not new to me. In painting, I have always been interested in people who had or have a story. The artistic realization is simply always exciting!

The key feature portrait painting, in my opinion, is not only the direct representation the subject, but the capture the inner essence – the feelings that the portrayed person transports, or the feelings that the artist, photographer receives quite subjectively. Here, too, I tell stories.

Rarely do I simply make photorealistic portraits. As in painting, I work with coloring, filters, processing, until the result corresponds to my inner image. And I experiment with slightly different angles, a deliberate blur, a reference to art or just because I’m having fun trying something new.

The human being in motion is an important part my “portraits”. And course, the humor may not be missing in the subject man…


A fascinating topic is always the philosophical division culture versus nature.

Nature is defined as: Part the world that was not created by man, but that came into being by itself. The nature the earth, our natural environment, the nature the cosmos, thus also for example the moon and the sun etc..

Opposed to the nature is the culture the human being, not least his art. However, we humans are simply also a part the living nature. We form so-called cultural landscapes from landscapes, build houses and cities as well as traffic routes, create works art. But wild animals as part nature can also make constructs, for example as dwellings, which we perceive as artistic and, like humans, they can pass on forms behavior. So do these animals also have a culture? That’s a topic that keeps bothering me….

The continuative pages will come very soon. Thank you for your patience. And – who has now become curious about my image-creating photographs in gallery room II – welcome!