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Narrative photography in Leopoldi style.

The Thoughts and the Person Behind Them

Part I – the thoughts on artistic photography

Creating images and stories with the help photography and subsequent digital processing – that is my passion and I work intensively on it. I develop new ways realizing my ideas and always try to remain open-minded and mentally flexible for developments and improvements.
For my photographic narratives, I use the possibility consciously staged photography, as well as the possibility performative photography, triggered by a conscious action, but always with the knowledge that this action does not produce the result on its own, but that control is taken out my hands the moment I get involved with the apparatus and the technology.

The resulting images are clearly not necessary, but they are possible – they show in the playful way that is so important to me, that being different can be an enrichment reality. Each picture tells a new story that no one knows yet. Every story can be developed into a new narrative. And this process is infinitely repeatable. Wonderful!

Narrative photography means the following to me:
All my photographic works bear a characteristic “Leopoldi label” through the choice subject, the deliberate use technique and through post-processing. The photographs can be divided into two main categories: Representational photography and image-creating photography. Clearly, however, the common denominator can be seen – the desire to tell stories.

Diese Fotocollage von Eva Leopoldi ist während der Coronazeit entstanden. Damals waren die Vorgaben sehr deutlich, andere Menschen nicht zu berühren, um sich nicht anzustecken. Hier sieht man zwei Hände, die übereinanderliegen, aber sich nicht wirklich berühren.
Longing for touch.
Eine narrative Fotografie von Eva Leopoldi, die eine Person auf einem Fahrrad zeigt, schnell fahrend, sogar ein wenig in die Kurve gelegt. Diese Person hat es eindeutig eilig. Der Titel ist "zu spät...zu spät".
Too late…
Passau Pedestrian bridge.

My representational photographs show subjective, commenting works, which are clearly used to find and show new facts in already given – simply the world from my point view , eg #myworldmycolours.
This type photography does not belong to any art philosophical direction, but is also part my photographic work, also here I tell, show my impressions and expanded perspectives.

Part II – The person behind the camera

You can get a good first impression Eva by watching this short explainer video. Because it becomes clear that…

  • …. the artist is passionate about not only searching for and capturing her very own view the world,
  • …. it is just as important to her to use her meanwhile gray head to look around and reflect on history, art history and philosophies, and
  • …. she much, much prefers to be behind the camera than in front it and therefore prefers to use her alter egos Eva.xxxx when she talks about herself…

Unfortunately the short video is only available in German.

And if you want to learn a little bit more, you can take a look at this page: