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Galeriothek Leopoldi-Photography. Welcome!

Diese Collage ist das Begrüßungsbild auf Seite 1 der Website von Eva Leopoldi. Leopoldi-Art-repeated.different und zeigt eine Auswahl ihrer Arbeiten. Als Text erscheint "Photographies" und "Books and more".
You’re welcome!

The Galeriothek Leopoldi-Photography

Galeriothek? What’s that?

According to Google, this word didn’t even exist yet – I think it’s about time….

Here not only pictures or paintings are presented like in a gallery – in German “Galerie” , but also books like in a library – in German “Bibliothek” ….. and if you combine the terms, you get my Galeriothek.

I have kept the architectural character the term and divided my gallery Leopoldi-Photography into different rooms:

In the Digital gallery, Leopoldi-style artistic photography is presented. From the entrance area the gallery, one can proceed to Gallery Room I, which houses the performing photography, and Gallery Room II, where the pictorial photography can be found. In the course time, new, additional rooms will be accessible from both spaces.

The digital library also has two rooms: Library Room I – here you can find books, brochures, videos, PDFs and more by Eva Leopoldi. In Library Room II you can find book lists and book information from interesting authors and artists and more.

In short – not only visual stimuli are presented, but also the intellect is not neglected.

Eine mehrfachbelichtete Fotografie, die im Vordergrund eine Hand mit einem Drink zeigt, und im Hintergrund eine Frau, die sich auf den Trinkenden zu bewegt. Dies ist der Eingang in die Galerie von Leopoldi-Photography.

Digital Gallery

Gallery Room I – Representational Photography

Gallery Room II – Image-making Photography

Begriffe rund um die Fotografie, kreuz und quer in einem Pfeil angeordnet als Einladung in die Philosophische Welt von Eva Leopoldi.

A little bit Theory

A photo is (not) a photo? Application theories, philosophical thoughts and classifications.

Eine bearbeitete Fotografie einer Bücherwand lädt den Besucher in die Bibliothek von Leopoldi-Photography ein.

Digital Library

Library Room I: Books, PDFs etc. by Eva Leopoldi.

Library Room II: Booklists by “XYZs“.

Ein Porträt der Künstlerin eingefügt in eine Illustration einer Frau, die ähnlich aussieht wie Doris Day, mit einem Buchstabenschwall aus dem Mund, sprich einer Quasselstrippe

May I introduce?

People, pictures, books and more. Click here to visit Eva Leopoldi’s blog. The artist presents: “xyz“.

So what is this Leopoldi-Art?

Leopoldi-Art – a nice bilingual play on words… Leopoldi-Art not only stands for my internationality, but also describes the typically “Leopoldian” way in which I tell stories with my work. And I want to tell stories – the ideas and thoughts simply have to come out my head. In doing so, the project work is just as important to me as the technical implementation the ideas.

The Leopoldi-Photography in this gallery shows mainly the field performative photography in addition to staging photography. Since I became aware the fact that I don’t have all the strings in my hand in Performative Photography, and that I use this in a targeted way, I find my art-making much more exciting. This allowing chance has transformed what used to be a “tense, tolerant attitude” into a “relaxed, tense attitude”.

As a rule, my artistic photographs are created in the following steps

  • Beginning a conscious action.
  • A process is initiated.
  • Dropping into the awareness that this process cannot be controlled.
  • Associative engagement with the result.
  • Digital processing with the aim a visual narrative as ONE NEW TRUTH among many.

Narrative through visuals has always been the most important thing in my art.
Even in earlier times as a painter I already created narrative art.

Or do you want to take a look around the gallery rooms right away?

Beispiel einer Fotografie aufgenommen im Nachtmodus. Die Abbildung zeigt Schemen und Andeutungen wie in einem Traum. Leopoldi-Photography.

Lady in Black – Nominee in Abstract
14. Color Awards 2021

To be nominated in this international photo award is already an honour. In any case, I was very pleased.
You can find more information here.

Interested in me or my work?

Purchase enquiries, art projects, appointment requests or event notices or invitations – it doesn’t matter. I look forward to new contacts and interesting encounters.

To help you decide what to buy, take a look at the Galeriothek – Salesroom and the Galeriothek – Printing Infos.

The latest works in 4-week rotation:

Once a month I will show new works here. All these works will gradually be on display in the gallery space 4-Weeks-Gallery. By the way – there are always new pictures not only here – because I am also represented on instagram.com/.
And if you feel like it, you can easily sign up on the contact form and get some news every now and then. Don’t worry – this won’t happen more than 4-5 times a year…

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