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Performative photography according to Leopoldi-Art

…. or I just want to tell stories.

In the field performative, narrative photography according to Leopoldi-Art, I would like to highlight especially the development #NarrativeTV-Pics, which I discovered due to the forced retreat into my own home during the Corona epidemic. But also the deliberate gesture or the use long exposure, -multiple exposure or the night mode show my unbiased, letting go attitude towards the “captured result”.

I also find interesting the new term techspressionism #techspressionism, which a group dedicated artists wants to transport anew into the art world and anchor it there. I find this term exciting and I absolutely find myself in it. I use and enjoy the possibilities chance, but in the final processing I show with the help digital processing quite concretely how my story ends.

With the development a variety AI-using apps, which are now standard in both cameras and image editing programs, the possibilities for artistic photography have expanded even further to the point where it is possible to create images entirely without cameras, freed from any claim to reality. As an artist, I find this development very exciting and am already experimenting with a symbiosis artificial and human intelligence to develop images that still show the distinct Leopoldi style. I call this area artistic photography #AlgoBrushMeetsLeopoldi.

I also love to work here in imaging-making photography on image series, including #OnTheRoad, #2Wheels, #Encounters, #Emotions, #3MenAndTheSea, #TheDancer and many more.

#OnTheRoad – #People

One area Leopoldi-style performative photography is people in the streets. #OnTheRoad is divided into different series.
Here for the entrance the series #OnTheRoad-People. Clearly visible is again the movement as a stylistic device, as well as the expressionistic implementation in the digital post-processing. In this series are randomly captured people moving on streets and sidewalks.